TuviS Platform Privacy Policy

1. Basic terms and definitions
1. "TuviS" is a software that allows you to issue your own electronic discount cards and send them to a specialized application on customers' phones;
2. The owner of the program "TuviS" - LLP "TuviS", Republic of Kazakhstan, 050060, Almaty city, Zhibek Zholy street 86;
3. User - any legal entity or individual entrepreneur who has entered into (accepted) this Agreement;
4. Data of the "TuviS" program - textual information, video materials, audio materials, photographic materials and other graphic materials created by the User or the Owner as part of the operation of the "TuviS" program.

2. General terms
1. This Agreement is a public offer. By downloading/installing the "Tuvis" program, the User is considered to have agreed with all the provisions of the offer and acceded to this Agreement by putting a mark ("V") on acceptance of the terms of the Agreement;
2. The Owner has the right to unilaterally change the terms of this Agreement at any time. Such changes come into force after 3 (Three) days from the date of posting the new version of the Agreement. If the User does not agree with the changes made, he is obliged to refuse the "TuviS" Program and stop using it. The User's continued use of the "TuviS" Program after the amendments to the Agreement come into force is an expression of the User's consent with them.
3. The User guarantees that he is not subject to legal restrictions on the use of online services, that he has all the necessary powers to enter into this Agreement;
4. The Owner is not liable to the User for any damage or harm caused to the User, including his computer, software or other property in connection with the use or inability to use the "TuviS" Program;
5. Granting by the Owner to the User the right to use the "TuviS" Program, the use of its capabilities and services are carried out free of charge or for a fee, depending on the set of preferred options chosen by the User.

3. Rights and obligations of the Administration
1. The Owner undertakes to provide the User with the opportunity to create an individual account through the functions of the "TuviS" Program, necessary for using the "TuviS" Program;
2. If the User violates the current Agreement, the Owner has the right, without prior notice, to unilaterally completely or partially limit the functionality of the "TuviS" Program, delete all Data created by the User, and also refuse the User to further grant the right to use the "TuviS" Program, without being responsible for any harm that may be caused to the User by such action;
3. The Owner reserves the right to fully or partially limit the functionality of the "TuviS" Program for technical, technological, preventive or other reasons at its own discretion with or without prior notice to the Users;
4. The Owner has the right to view any public, personal correspondence of the User, the procedure for using the TuviS Program by the User, as well as his personal information in order to ensure control over compliance with this Agreement.

4. Rights and obligations of the User
1. The User undertakes to comply with this Agreement and to get acquainted with the current version of the Agreement in a timely manner;
2. Use the "TuviS" Program only through your individual account;
3. Publish, distribute through the "TuviS" Program only reliable information;
4. If the User does not agree with the current Agreement, the User is obliged to stop using the "TuviS" Program, including uninstalling it;
5. The User undertakes not to disclose or transfer to third parties his identification data, the data of his individual account, by which the User's authorization is possible;
6. User agrees not to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the TuviS Program, modify the TuviS Program, attempt to hack the TuviS Program, or create derivative works based on the TuviS Program or parts thereof;
7. The user has the right to perform actions provided for by the "TuviS" Program and use its technical capabilities.

5. The user is prohibited from doing the following:
1. Use an individual account of another person, as well as alienate or otherwise transfer your own or acquire, including by exchange or receiving as a gift, an individual account of another person;
2. Use the "TuviS" Program in any way that may interfere with the normal functioning of the "TuviS" Program or is contrary to this Agreement;
3. Use the capabilities of the "TuviS" Program for the purpose of sending unsolicited information (spam), including, but not limited to, which means the creation and sending of electronic discount cards without the consent of the recipient;
4. Use the capabilities of the "TuviS" Program for the purpose of sending malware or links that may contain or contain malware;
5. Use the capabilities of the "TuviS" Program for the purpose of sending any other information that, in the opinion of the Owner, is undesirable, violates the norms of morality and ethics, violates the current legislation of the country of the Owner of the "TuviS" Program;
6. Use or distribute to third parties the Data of the "TuviS" Program and your individual account;
7. Commit any other illegal or criminal act.

6. Exclusive rights
1. The exclusive rights to intellectual property related to the Tuvis Program belong to its Owner. All rights reserved;
2. Copyrights to TuviS Program Data hosted and/or created by the Owner belong to the Owner who created them;
3. Copyrights to the "TuviS" Program Data posted and/or created by the User belong to the Users who created them or other legal right holders;
4. The Owner grants the User the right to use the Owner's Data by viewing, reproducing (including copying), processing (including printing copies) and other rights - solely for the Purpose of using the "TuviS" Program, except when such use may cause harm to legally protected interests of the right holder;
5. It is strictly prohibited any use of the objects of exclusive rights placed under the "TuviS" Program in whole or in part without the prior written permission of the copyright holder, except as permitted in this Agreement or when the copyright holder has expressly expressed his consent to the free use of the material by other persons.

7. Liability of the parties
1. The User is responsible to the Owner and third parties for non-compliance with the terms of this Agreement
2. If the User uses the "TuviS" Program for the purposes specified in paragraphs 3-5 distributed 5 of this Agreement, the Owner reserves the right to unilaterally block the User's individual account and not refund the User's financial requirements, if any;
3. The User reimburses the Owner and third parties for any losses incurred in connection with his actions, including, but not limited to, violation of this Agreement, copyright, exclusive or other rights;
4. The Owner is not responsible for the quality and speed of User Internet access. For all technical issues related to the provision of communication services, the User should contact his communication service provider;
5. The Owner is not responsible for any behavior of Users or third parties, including, but not limited to, theft, destruction of the "TuviS" Program, as well as unauthorized access to the User's individual account;
6. The Owner is released from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill obligations under this Agreement, if such failure is the result of force majeure (force majeure), that is, extraordinary and unavoidable parties under the given conditions of circumstances, including riots, prohibitive actions of the authorities , natural disasters, fires, catastrophes, as well as due to failures in telecommunications and energy networks, malicious programs, as well as dishonest actions of third parties.

8. Technical support
1. The Owner provides technical support within the framework of using the "TuviS" Program. To receive support, the User can contact the Owner by sending a request to E-Mail: info@tuvis.world

9. Reservation of rights
1. All other rights not expressly specified in the Agreement are reserved by the Owner of the "TuviS" Program.

The user confirms that he is familiar with all the clauses of this Agreement and unconditionally accepts them.
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