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Everything you need is in one system: mobile application, online payment, customers database, loyalty program - cashback, PUSH notifications by customers categories.
Разрабокта мобильного приложения для бизнеса на платформе TuviS
Branded mobile application
Loyalty program
Delivery and preorder using the application
Great alternative to an online store. Customers are able to place an order directly in application so terminal is not required. “One click” mobile preorder. Form the habit of ordering with a single click and stimulate additional orders from your application

By encouraging customers to use your mobile application instead of third-party ones (for example, Wolt, Glovo), you can avoid 30-50% aggregator fees
Comments and feedback in the application
Comments shall be requested in the application immediately after purchase, so the manager can immediately respond to marks from buyers and prevent negative comments from being received on comment sites.

If you receive a bad comment, TuviS platform allows you to send a personalized push message with an apology and a reward as a bonus
Promote only your brand with the application. With the help of a branded mobile application you collect your own customers base and get full control over it
Accumulating cashback and exchanging it for goods and services is an exciting game in which the client always seems to benefit, and you get rid of discounts and increase repeat sales
Referral program
Customers are promoting your brand. Their friends see personal recommendations in the feed in social networks. Customers will be rewarded only if a new buyer has installed the application and made his/her first purchase. This scheme reduces your investment in paid social network advertising by digitizing buzz marketing
Программа лояльности в виде накопительного кэшбэка
Брендированное приложение с собственной структурой, дизайном и логотипом
Заказ в приложении и доставка покупателю
Программа пригласи друга и получи вознаграждение за его покупку
Отзывы о товарах и обслуживании внутри заведения
CRM, Analytics, Orders and Integrations
Collect information about customers, find out who they are and what they prefer (demographics, personal interests, etc.)

CRM will automatically sort customers into categories based on configured conditions so that you know which customers buy very often and which ones have not made a purchase for a long time

MoySklad, Paloma365, IIKO, RKeeper, JoinPoster, Frontpad, Clover, DentalPRO accounting systems using which it is possible to exchange goods and orders in real time
CRM и аналитика по покупателям
is available for any device
The adaptability of the application for different platforms covers all users, depending on their preferences. Because of the adaptive web design, customers can place orders in two clicks without any obstacles. Judge for yourself who wants to go for a laptop, turn it on, launch a website when you can place an order on the couch with the application in your hands
Адаптивная вёртска приложения под все типы устройств

Available to work in B2C segment

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Restaurants and Cafes
Chemist shops
Online sales
Розничная торговля
Retail sales
Fitness industry
Автозаправочные станции
Filling stations
Pet shops
Beauty salons and SPA
Салон красоты и SPA
Tasks solved by TuviS
  • Repeat sales
    Customers will use application more often if you offer them cumulative cashback, especially if it "burns out" over time
  • Increase in the average purchase amount
    Customers will buy more goods if the percentage of cashback depends on the current purchase amount
  • Reduced customer outflow
    Having a "heat" map of customer activity in your hands, you will be able to send offers to buyers who have not used the application for a long time
  • Attraction of new customers
    By virtue of the system of digital promotional codes, you will be able to increase the flow of customers through cross-marketing with your partner companies. Referral program called "invite a friend" between customers will digitize buzz marketing
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