Features of the mobile application, online sales and loyalty program

Developing a mobile application with similar functionality as TuviS platform from scratch with your own funds will be justified in one case if you have more than $110,000 and six months of time, and then again you will have to pay the same amount for the next six months.

For example: to develop an application, at least three programmers are required, two of them will be coding the application itself, one of them is for IOS, another is for Android. The third programmer will code the backend (server part), where all buyer data is stored: products for display, orders, accumulated cashback, and thousands of other settings and data for the application to work.
The next task is to organize them! They will not work on their own, your idea for the application is only your idea, you can’t just come and pay (in general, you can, but you will receive the system in a ready-made form, there won’t be any of your ideas) and after six months get a working application. Every day it will be necessary to control the work of programmers and set tasks for them, which means that a project manager is required for this
Upon completion of development, the application must be released (made available to users), it is also necessary to deploy servers that will store user data, goods, orders, etc., this is at least a DEV-Ops specialist, who monitors the architecture of digital systems. You can save a little on a tester, after the release, users will write about errors themselves and where the application does not work (it’s a joke) - that means you need a tester.

- Salary of a programmer starts from $4500;
- Salary of a project manager starts from $5000;
- Salary of DevOps specialist starts from $4800;
- Salary of a tester starts from $4000;

Monthly development costs ~ $18,300
We get ~ $110,000 for six months

The term of 6 months for development was taken taking into account the number of functions of the online store, the cashback system and the minimum personal account for business to enter goods and view user orders. Do not forget that programmers do not prepare perfect code and for the first time after the release there will always be errors in the system that need to be fixed, and this is system maintenance and it also costs money, you can divide $18,300 into two halves - the cost of a month of support is $9,150.

TuviS Platform provides an opportunity to release an application with impressive functionality for online sales within 9 days. Our team has developed a technology in which we use a template development methodology. It has a limitation in terms of adding the functionality/design that you have in mind. In our defense, we can directly say that all the features and design have passed the criticism and wishes of more than 200 companies, so in terms of design and functions, everything is user-friendly. Your ideas, without the experience of their implementation, most likely will not work for users at all.

As a result, you pay us an amount many times less than you would have spent on a non-working product and receive an application in less than two weeks. The mobile application will already have features that you did not even think about. All updates/bugs/servers remain fully supported by us.

Different options for displaying a goods catalog. Goods can contain up to 10 images. The goods description has an advanced editor in which you can even make up an html page if you wish. Customer ratings and comments about particular goods will help other buyers make their choice. Good comments will give the owner an understanding of the goods that should be ordered more, and bad comments will give the owner an understanding of which goods it is better not to sell now.

An important factor in the sale of goods through a mobile application is the convenience of finding the right goods for the needs of the customer. The indicator system for goods will provide the opportunity to filter them by selected indicators, for example: t-shirt, red, size-L will display to the buyer all red t-shirts of size-L. The modifier system will allow the buyer to select additional ingredients when ordering a pizza or hamburger.

Shopping cart of selected items with total and shipping amount depending on the buyer address. You can draw delivery zones on the map and, depending on the address of the customer. The application will calculate the delivery amount for him/her and automatically include it in the order amount. It is also important that the shopping cart constantly reminds of itself, even if the customer left the application or postponed the purchase, when the application is restarted, the shopping cart will be restored.

Fast payment in the application by bank card. Perhaps the main part of the sale is to make it easy for the buyer to give his/her money exactly at the moment when he/she wants to buy the goods, because payment through a courier or in another way can stop the purchase, but paying with a card immediately after choosing the desired goods increases the success of the sale. The essence of e-commerce is immediate profit. At the next purchases, the application will immediately offer the previously used bank card for payment, thereby reducing the number of buyer's actions to one click of the "Pay" button.

Using TuviS platform, you can connect such payment services as Stripe to your mobile application. If the payment service is not in the list, then we can add it in three days.

Cashback is a popular loyalty program for returning a percentage of a purchase back to the customer in the form of nominal bonuses.

The most interesting thing for you as an owner is that the customer can spend the accumulated cashback only in your application. Give 15% - 20% and let them buy more, you always get money, and promise a possible discount on the next purchase to the customers.

The cashback system has many use cases, for example: Cumulative cashback, in which customers are interested in buying more often and accumulating bonuses to get a bigger discount in the future, now everyone knows how to calculate the benefit, because their bonuses can "burn out" if they miss a purchase this week/month/half year, and accordingly, they will not have a good discount then. Cashback on the average purchase amount, the greater the amount of the customer’s purchase at the moment, the greater the percentage the customer will receive back.

The best sale is when the customer came on the recommendation from his/her friends. TuviS platform provides sharing a referral link in WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and other instant messengers in a mobile application. When using the link, the invited customer will receive a welcome bonus. Having not just a verbal recommendation, but a very real amount of money in the establishment, the customer will come to purchase with a very high probability.

As an entrepreneur, your circle of contacts is made up of the same entrepreneurs and it is quite possible that the audiences of buyers are the same or adjacent. For collaboration between businesses, TuviS platform provides the opportunity to create promotional codes that can be distributed to partner points of sale. By scanning the QR code of the promotional code, the customer will receive a bonus in your establishment. You can also place promotional codes of other businesses on your site, thereby creating cross-marketing.
In the modern world, a lot of information surrounds customers - signs, advertising in the media, mailings. Therefore, each person seeks to limit this information, but if the customer has downloaded the application on his/her phone, then at least he/she does not mind receiving notifications about new products or promotions from your business.

Handling mailing manually is such a sap, so TuviS platform can independently congratulate customers on their birthdays and send them gift bonuses, notify them that the accumulated cashback will “burn out” soon and they need to urgently go and make a purchase in order to extend the cashback period. You can schedule auto-congratulations on certain dates for men and women on holidays. You can create auto-notifications that will remind the buyer to visit you three weeks after the last purchase.

When you are in the customers's phone, you can quietly influence the mood and desire of the customer to visit and make a purchase. Does the buyer have a birthday? TuviS platform will automatically send congratulations a few days before the birthday and add gift bonuses. The customer did not visit you for more than 30 days? Make a mailing for the automatically generated category of customers "Almost Lost" - indicating in the message that they will be provided with additional bonuses! The accumulated bonuses can "burn out" if the customer has not made a purchase for a long time. TuviS platform can remind you of the "burning out" of bonuses in several stages with different text messages, for example: 14 days before the "burning out", 7 days or 3 days before. With such tools, no matter how many customers in the database are 1000, 9000 or 100000, TuviS platform will independently process and make the customer want to make a repeat purchase.

Customers database - the most important thing in business is customers and their data. Knowing the data of customers and having leverage over them through the accumulated cashback and sending PUSH notifications to the mobile application about promotions, you can effectively influence traffic and sales growth

TuviS platform accumulates the data of customers who have downloaded the application: Phone, First and Last Name, Year of Birth, Gender. With such data, you can create various marketing campaigns for sending PUSH messages to the application.

Automatic distribution of customers into categories depending on their purchase frequency and other behavior markers will provide to you, as an entrepreneur, the opportunity to see how many customers are active, which have stopped visiting, which have not made purchases for more than 6 or 12 months.

You do not need to make a purchase for "Product 1" if it is intended for the age category of 35-40 years old, and statistics on customers in TuviS platform shows that 73% of buyers are aged 25-30 years old. With this information, you can reduce costs and increase sales by purchasing products for the age audience of customers.

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