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  • A network of mini-markets for drinks consisting of more than 50 outlets in Kazakhstan
    • Get rid of plastic cards and discounts and their transfer between customers;
    • Digitize the customers base;
    • Online sales through TuviS application and website
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  • A network of social chemists shops with 100 outlets throughout Kazakhstan
    • Own mobile application with an emphasis on online sales;
    • Opting out of operators via online payment. Orders shall be paid in the application and immediately get to the pickers and couriers;
    • Search for drugs and issue them to the buyer, even if he/she typed them with an error
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  • Shop selling construction tools
    • Own mobile application with an emphasis on online sales;
    • Mandatory mailing of news in the form of PUSH notifications to different categories of customers
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  • A network of mini-markets of 40 outlets
    • Connecting a cashback loyalty program to increase repeat sales and gain an advantage over competitors;
    • Digitize the customers base;
    • Reduce the cost of specialists, since previously buyer data was stored in 1C and a lot of money was spent on its maintenance
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  • Perfect Smile Elite dentistry in St. Petersburg
    • Own mobile application to improve the status (it also happens that the owner just wants an application for himself/herself)
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  • A company from the USA that delivers farm products:
    • Own mobile application - application development in the USA is very expensive both in terms of money and timings;
    • Filtering products by attributes, taking into account stock balances;
    • Online payment using Stripe system
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  • Cosmetics store in Armenia
    • Own mobile application - the owner needed an application for the opening of his new store. As a result, he said that it took him longer to make a new logo than the development of the application lasted;
    • Integration with MyStore service - bonuses for each buyer should be accrued after each sale by the cashier at the checkout;
    • Online sales - in the range of more than 6,000 items of goods
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Our advantages

We work hard every day to absorb all the new wishes of our business clients into the platform

  • Быстрый и лёгкий старт онлайн-продаж
    Quick and easy start
    We have launched many companies, so all processes are mastered, and specialists are trained. You leave a request, we contact you, learn the necessary information for the launch and set up the platform for your business
  • Поддержка 24/7 при сборе клиентской базы
    Support 24/7
    Of course, there is technical support and it is included in the cost of the platform. New features and functions of the system that we add are available free of charge to all users
  • Разработка приложения в котором есть онлайн-продажи и онлайн-оплата
    Application development
    TuviS has developed a technology in which we can make an application for a business client within 9 days at a low cost, but at the same time it will have all the features that have been accumulated and implemented
  • Облачная CRM и клиентская база данных
    Cloud infrastructure
    There is no need to keep special equipment in the form of servers and specialists who must maintain and support these servers. All information is stored on our servers, where specialists are constantly involved in the maintenance and support of the platform
  • Data Availability
    You will have a personal account that contains all the statistics and data about buyers. Access to your personal account can be obtained by downloading the application for the manager or using a laptop and a web browser
  • All functionality available at once
    TuviS platform does not limit functionality in any way. We have fixed tariffs. By paying the tariff, you get access to all the functionality of the system without restrictions, new functions will also be automatically available when the platform is updated
Combine all processes
TuviS platform is the hub where everything is collected: mobile application, website, online sales, orders from the website and application, push notifications and stories, goods and prices, delivery of orders, buyers and sorting buyers into key categories. Manage all processes in one window - and link them together.
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