We are actively looking for companies for cooperation and give up to 50% to partners from platform subscription fees and payments for the development of a mobile application

Fill in the registration form.
The manager will contact you. Read the contract and get access to your personal account

Complete training
Check out the materials and presentations, take a simple test and get a certificate of an official partner of TuviS platform
Start earning
Get a reward for each payment of the buyer connected by you and track the payment history in your personal account
Benefits of selling TuviS
Marketable product
TuviS platform embodies a set of features that suits almost all forms of b2c business. Due to this versatility, the audience for sales is extensive
Marketing and Sales
We launch advertising and provide clients to our partners. We pre-process incoming leads and transfer already hot clients with whom we need to make a deal and set up the platform
Equal remuneration
Partner remuneration is 50% off each client subscription fee and also from the payment for the development of the application
All transactions are official
After the sale, you sign a contract with the client and receive money from him/her to your current account, and only after that send the money to us
Advice and support
You will be assigned a personal manager who will help you with all your issues
Profit from sale
The partner is only required to sell the product and guide the client on configuration issues, all technical issues remain with us
$1800 % 50 = $900
Average purchase amount for TuviS platform subscription fee
$8600 % 50 = $4300
Average purchase amount for a mobile application on TuviS platform
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