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Welcome to the TuviS team. Let us introduce ourselves. TuviS is a mobile application LRM-system (Loyalty Relationship Management) with a set of tools to increase reputation of your company, to retain customers and to increase repeat sales. More than 50'000 users use TuviS system in the USA and in the rest of the world.
TuviS is an individual loyalty system for your business
The client can spend the received points only with you
In the mobile App the client will see only your company
Benefits of TuviS
Create promotional codes
to a ract new customers
and stock creation
Customer base collection
Get informa on about customers
Birthday congratulations
Wish customers
happy birthday automatically
PUSH notiļ¬cations
Inform customers about
new promotions or new arrivals
Customer reviews
Find out customers' opinion
about your business
Online store
With ordering system
and online payment options
Let your customers do the advertising for you
Meet the Mobile App for automation of work with
clients and increasing their loyalty - TuviS.
Motivate customers to come to you for new
purchases and recommend your company to friends
and relatives
Expand your business
Your dishes, goods and services will be displayed in the mobile application of your customers and on the
personal website of your company where customers will
be able to place an order for delivery or pick-up and
make payment online
Restaurant Innovation
Make your place more comfortable Now guests do not have to
wait for a waiter with the menu, just scan the QR and the menu
will be displayed on your guest's smartphone
Submit a request we will contact you
and configure the system individually for your business

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